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Nova Net

We're here to ease your pain

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We are under construction! But fear not, our RP will be fully operational within a couple days working time. Thank you and enjoy your stay here at Nova Inc.

In the near future the company, Nova Inc, has become one of America's finest and grandest. Its medical achievements outweigh that of any other facility. It develops solutions for bone therapy, eye sight problems and many other deficiencies of the body. Too good to be true however, Nova has a dark underbelly that takes people in for 'medical purposes'

They allow people (any age) with deficiencies (and even some who don't have any thing wrong with them,) It houses them in a quaint little village, next to a small army base and tests new treatments. However, in the fine print of the contract, one is to spend a year paying off there debt. But by the time the years are up, will they really want you too leave?

This is for all those who own a Nova Net diary

Richard Darkling richarddarkling [Surgical]
Lt. Eva Lee lt_eva [Counsling/Private tutor]
Dr. Theodore Benson in_psychosis [Psychological Studies]

William Krauss x0101010
Nicole Jones x0110110
Alana Newman x10111101x [Whereabouts Unknown]

Graduated, soldiers and so forth:
Guardian code_guardian

1] NO GODMODDING! Very self-explanatory. You cannot control the actions of another character without the players consent firstly. This includes being immortal, dodging bullets and avoiding any physical harm whatsoever. We're human. Humans are prone to get hurt; superhuman or not.

2] ALL characters must have a journal. A journal deals with your characters feelings, emotions, thoughts, or whatever has happened to them. It also is your character to reply with on the community.

3] Please post in first person when writing in your journal. Community entries should be third person and at least one paragraph long. Please have proper formation of typing. Spelling isn't necessary, but please be as accurate as possible. That's what the spell check is for.

4] This journal is rated PG-13 to R. Lots of violent, disturbing things going on and we'd appreciate it if the player is 13 years and above.

5] You must be accepted before you can begin to post. Please send all applications to cgmangotiger@earthlink.net and/or house_on_haunted_Hill_14@hotmail.com with "Nova Net Application" in the headline.

6] ADVERTISE! A banner will be up shortly.

7] When posting a thread, please put a title in the header. Its easy to identify and makes it fun. The heading of your posts should also look like this;
When: (Day, Night, Evening, Afternoon, etc)
Open to:

Out of Character Information


In Character Information

Character Name:
Code Name:
LJ Character name:
Position (Staff, Patient, ect):
Maritial Status:
Social Security #:
Height: (In cm if possible)
Weight: (In kg if possible)
Eye Color:
Writting Hand:
Image (if possible):

Patient/Soldier Information
Physical Condition:
Mental Condition:
Any Debilitating deseases:
Recent Surgeries:
Primary physician:
Any Further Health Problems: