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It had been awhile since the three had been Outside and it wasn't a mission. 'Course, there was a faint mission in mind. Guardian had an earring under his pillow -- their pillow. It was a simple looking one that appeared to be a shell. When asked by the other two where he got it, Guardian told them that it came from the girl's head. It took them a few seconds to figure out what he had meant, from the time when Reaper had struck out at the young Nicole in Benson's office. Guardian had taken it because he thought it looked nice, which was done under the nose of the other two, because they were far more concerned with other matters at the time.

Thankfully, Boss had gotten a shaver and water for them before they left, cleaning their face up before they would take off their mask for the rest of the day. It meant that Guardian wouldn't show himself too, of course. He hated it when he was without his mask, but may if prompted enough by the Third, show himself for a little while. Reaper didn't care if he was with his mask or without, but he wouldn't be doing much talking, if any. He disliked being without the mask either, but it didn't mean he was going to allow the Third to run amuck.

Though, he brought a notepad along with a marker to write whatever he felt like saying, giving the Third the same lecture about how their voice is slightly recognizable and with their luck they would run into Nova personal during their walk Outside. The Boss agreed that that would be best, and be able to stay out of the way during their outing. Reaper would pretend that they were deaf, mute, or just plain shy to keep too much suspicion as to why they only communicate through a notepad. Still, they would have to return the earring, only because Guardian wanted to after finding out whose it was and was the only stand he had on what they should do on their outing.

A small shopping-type bag was given to them, one with the mask (having been taken off some time while he was far enough, and hidden enough outside of Nova to do) at the bottom and random assortment of items ontop. Like a wallet so that they wouldn't starve or could buy something shiny for Guardian. Obviously, it was a false freedom, and it was like giving candy to a child who had been good -- patronizing almost on being Outside as the Third said, because they had to be back at a certain time, certain instructions, and only communicate through the notepad. Each handwriting was different though, which would be hard to explain should someone run into all three personas. Guardian's was a child's chicken scratch, Reaper was more irratic, and the Third's was what one would call "normal handwriting."

Still, it was nice to be Outside -- Guardian and Third thought this most. It hadn't taken as long as they would have though to find Doctor Darkling's residence. The earring was set in a piece of notepad paper with Guardian's writing of: "Forgot this." It was set down in front of the door before the three turned to continue with their outing. It would probably be years before they would be allowed to go Outside again, though if they proved themselves, maybe it would be enough (Guardian's hopeful thinking, though hardly threatening to take control from either Reaper or the Third)?

Obviously, Benson could not get away to tend to Guardian's childish need to be near him, which hardly bothered the other two, but it did put a downer when Guardian would occasionally whine in the back of their head. The Third sighed to himself as he started off to find some cafe, it had been awhile since he had eaten anything outside Nova's meals. He was hoping for some actual food, perhaps run into someone he knew from long ago. Though, that was just his own hopeful thinking. The two personas were thinking hopeful, while Reaper occasionally grumbled that the two were idiotic, but didn't do anything else to rain on their parade.
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