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The Interview.

Jackson had already been bundled into the interview room by three tough-looking cops. He hadn't resisted, which had been a wise move. However, the cops had been rough on account of the fact that he was a tough nut to crack.

But she'd made him wait a full ten mintutes. That was the two of clubs in her deck of tricks. Keep the bastard in suspension...
And that's exactly what Eva would do. Make him stew, and crack him. She'd nibble at his psyche bit by bit. Her extensive knowledge of cognition and psychology gave her a massive arsenal to launch at Jackson.
It might take days, or even weeks, but every mind had a breaking point. Once it had broken, it was like putty. She'd seen it before. Indonesian soldiers reduced to dogs, obeying any command. A necessary evil, and one that would be made now to do some good.

She slinked her slender fingertips around the door handle of the cell, and slowly opened it. Jackson sat, cuffed to the chair on which he sat, which in turn was welded to the floor. Eva silently placed herself opposite him, with a stone stare on her face.
"Why'd you do it, Jacko?" she said, her voice cutting the silence like a scythe.

The man who starred up at her however seemed unphased and quite perplexed to what she meant.
"Do what?" he laughed, slightly leaning back on the metal chair he sat quiet comforatabley on.

" You mean hit Nikki? DOsent every parent in their life get angry past a point where they just lash out?"
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